Please allow yourself approximately one hour per 300 items consigned for your drop-off appointment. Keep in mind that certain periods of the day are busier than others and there may be a wait for an inspection station.

Your items will be carefully inspected by our volunteers and you will be asked to assist in putting your items out on our sales floor.

Please do not be offended when you are sent home with stained, outdated, or damaged items. It is so easy to miss stains when working in our homes in the evening while our children are sleeping. As sale manager, I even have things that are rejected. True story. Very rarely does anyone go home without bringing something back with them.

We ask that you bring items pre-sorted by gender and size to your drop-off appointment. This will help things move quicker and prevent backlogging of consignors at our inspection stations.

If you are selling furniture, pack n plays, or large indoor or outdoor toys, you will be required to set them up yourself so please bring any appropriate tools or help you may need.



For items that you do not want to donate, please arrive to pick up your items at 4 p.m. on Sunday, the final day of our event. Consignor pick-up will run from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. All items remaining after 6 p.m., whether they are marked donate or not, will be donated to one of our fine local charities.