1. Bundle like items together when entering your inventory to save time (ie: toys with toys, movies with movies, books with books, and 3t girls clothing with 3t girls clothing)

2. Small and loose items should be in a baggy packing taped shut at the top (hairbows, socks, rattles, etc.)

3. Create an outfit out of a shirt and pants rather than selling separately. Customers really appreciate this and it increases your item’s saleability.

4. If your item still has tags on it write NEW as the first word of your description. It will sell better.

5. If you purchased a certain item for a really high price; feel free to add that to the second line of your description so the buyer understands the value and feels as if they are getting a really great deal.

6. Consider using little circle dot stickers, labels, or a piece of masking tape with your consignor number/item number/price in case the tag becomes lost. This is not mandatory but helps reduce the number of items that end up on our “no tags” rack. When clothing is handled by so many people, some tags are bound to come off.