Tagging Your Consignables

Tagging Your Items for Consignment

Preparing Your Items for Consignment


All Inventory Must Be Entered, Priced & Tagged through Our Software System: MySaleManager.net. This software allows consignors to monitor their sales throughout the event after close of business when the sale manager uploads each day’s data.


OR-FREE! Please wash, iron (if necessary), and carefully inspect all items before bringing them to the sale. Any clothing with stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, tears/holes, etc. will be sent back home with you at drop-off.

Clothing must be hung in size order (smallest sizes first) and separated by gender for drop off. Only clothing on METAL/WIRE HANGERS will be accepted. The hanger’s hook should be open toward the left like a question mark ?.

All toys must be cleaned and in good working order with no missing pieces. Operational batteries are a necessity as we will be checking that items work at drop-off (grab them at the dollar store).

Count puzzle pieces

Check books to make sure no pages are ripped or missing

Test DVDs to make sure they are operational and do not stick or skip

SEASONAL ITEMS ONLY. If this is the fall/winter sale, we will not accept bathing suits, swim tubes, lifevests, baby pools, shorts, short sleeves, etc. Likewise, if it’s the spring/summer sale we will not accept sweaters, snow boots, winter coats, hats/mittens/scarves, sleds, etc.

CRIBS: By Federal Law, we cannot accept Drop-Down Cribs. Any cribs consigned at our sale must be NON-drop-down and must be manufactured AFTER 7/23/2010.

Crib Bedding Sets must be hung on hangers and secured with safety pins. The consumer will get to see your items better this way. If you use multiple hangers, please secure the hanger grouping together with an elastic band. Only one tag should be used to label a set.

ALL DVDs, video games, and music CDs must be in original packaging. Media items without cases will not be accepted. Please note: We are no longer accepting VHS tapes!

We will only accept shoes that are in EXCELLENT condition or are new. Sizes newborn through women’s size 7 (in pre-teen appropriate styles only)

ALL items MUST meet current requirements as set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and are not on any list/s of dangerous or recalled items. Carefully check the following two web sites as Tiny Treasures Kids Sale, LLC will not be held responsible if consignor fails to meet these requirements:

Any items returned for being non-working or missing integral pieces are subject to a $5 return fee to be deducted from your final payment as per your consignor contract.

Consignment Mommies’ Must-Haves

Wire Hangers

Cardstock (only white or very light colors, please). No regular paper or printer paper; these tags will rip right off.

Safety Pins (to secure any clothing items that might slide off the hanger to the hanger itself – ie: snow bibs, overalls, strapless or spaghetti strapped items, or anything with a zipper or button-up)

Safety Pins to secure bar-coded tags to each item (or a tagging gun with plastic barbs – optional)

Batteries (if needed)

Clear Packing Tape (to secure tags to toys, movies, and ziplock bags – also helpful for sealing baggies so your items are not lost, taping DVD cases shut to prevent theft, etc.). Do not tape over bar codes with packing tape. And please no Scotch tape…it doesn’t stick well enough.

Zip-loc type bags (shoes, socks, small accessories, bundling small toys together, etc.)

Zip-ties or ribbon to attach shoes to one another if you are not putting them in a baggie

Hang clothing on a WIRE hanger ONLY, with hook pointing to the left like a ?

To accommodate newborn and small clothing bend the hanger sides DOWN into an upside down U. Please do not pin shirts to the top hanger bars. They should be ON the hanger like you would hang it in your closet.

If an item feels “loose” on the hanger or zips or buttons up, place safety pins on at least one shoulder to secure the item to the hanger.

Tags should only go on the left side (front right-hand side of the garment when you are looking at it) near where a breast pocket would be. They may be secured with a safety pin. If you are using a tagging gun, please secure the tag to the front of the armpit on the seam so as not to damage the garment (tagging through the material will leave holes) or on the garment’s original inside tag (neck or waist).

If you have two, three or more pieces that you are bundling: turn the hanger over and pin the second piece (ie: pants) to the back of the hanger, facing out so the buyer can see them. For three or more pieces (ie: something with a small jacket or a matching bib) – first hang the shirt, then place the jacket or bib over the shirt and flip over to pin pants to the back. When hanging pants alone, they must be safety pinned to the top / \ bars of the hanger rather than the straight bottom bar (which will cause them to bunch to one side of the hanger).