Kids to kids consignment sales are the greatest way to earn money without the effort of meeting and coordinating with buyers who are usually strangers to come to your house or meeting at a select location – kids consignment sales eliminate the hassles, back-and-forth, and no-shows of selling online and the one-by-one sales. Bring it all…sell all of your growing kids gently used items in one shot! You will net a much higher profit than you would from a yard sale, and you are putting your items in front of the very target market who is looking for used baby toys, big toys, consignment clothing, baby accessories, and maternity. Do a little spring cleaning…empty your kids closet, get a more organized home as those garages, basements, and attics are de-cluttered. The perfect solution = kids consignment!

Higher Percentages!
With consignment stores you typically only earn 40-50% of sales while we start you off at 60% and give you the flexibility of setting your own prices and deciding for yourself whether or not you want to discount your items. Not to mention, we give you the opportunity to earn up to 70% if you are willing to help us at the event by volunteering.

Safety First!
We’re all smart women, let’s continue to make the smart choice by selling our gently used children’s items anonymously through the safety of an insured public event rather than meeting strangers in parking lots. Think of all of the information a stranger can glean about you while meeting you in the parking lot of a grocery store. You have a car seat = baby! You have a Proud Bears Mom = what school your kids go to! Your license plate number, the make and model of your car…and so much more. Why chance it in this day and age. Too scary for me so I choose Tiny Treasures Kids Sale.

No Haggling!
The price is the price. Period. Save yourself from spending hours sweating in the hot sun at a garage sale or mother’s market dealing with people trying to bargain you down quarter-by-quarter on items you are literally selling for pennies on the dollar to begin with. With Tiny Treasures Kids Sale you get the highest return on your investment.

The choice is easy…TINY TREASURES KIDS SALE in North Jersey & the Poconos!